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Holiday fun: Festival of Trees

We’re excited – this is our second year participating in the annual Festival of Trees!

What is The Festival of Trees?

It was started in Vancouver 30 years ago to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and has grown in several communities in the years since. All monies raised from sponsorship of the trees will be in support of the BC Children’s Hospital.  You can find more information about it here.

And you can find more info about the local event, including where to view the trees,  here


2017 Santa Pics

Here at Royal LePage South Country we spend a couple of hours every Christmas hosting Santa Claus, so he can spend some time with the local kids. Proud parents get to trade a small donation to the Food Bank for a photo session with the big guy!

BCREA Housing Market Update (November 2017)


Information provided by the BC Real Estate Association

5 Financial Habits that will Make You Richer

plantingmoneyYou don’t have to win the lottery to get wealthier. Anyone, on virtually any income, can simply adopt these habits:

1. Save a little from each paycheck. Tucking away just 5% of your income can build up your savings substantially over time.

2. Use coupons. 82% of consumer goods companies issue coupons, yet only 23% of shoppers use them. Coupons can cut a grocery bill by an average of 15%.

3. Avoid credit card debt. Interest rates on those are famously high and can cost you a lot of money each year.

4. Feast at home, not at restaurants. It’s fun to go out to a nice restaurant occasionally. Just don’t make it an expensive habit. Buy a gourmet packaged meal instead. Combine it with a bottle of wine and you have a feast!

5. Watch out for automatic renewals. It’s all too easy to forget to cancel a subscription to a magazine you no longer read — until, of course, you’re charged again!

These simple habits can help you become wealthier in 2018.

Once a Year, Consider Your Property’s Potential

mmg-property-valueAssuming that at each renewal, a homeowner’s mortgage would be less than it was in the previous term, homeowners can look forward to eventually improving their monthly cash flow. In addition to a smaller mortgage, some may also enjoy the benefit of additional home equity if the property’s market value has increased since it was first purchased. If these factors are working in your favour, it could be a good time to think about your options.

For example, you could consider increasing your monthly payments and shortening the amortization period for your remaining mortgage. Alternatively, you might consider up-sizing to a more accommodating home, or downsizing and benefiting from more affordable monthly costs (e.g. mortgage, condo fees, etc.) and fewer responsibilities. If you’re looking for financial opportunities, another option might be to examine the income-earning potential of a second property that could provide you with a stable monthly return on your investment.

If now is the time to consider how you may capitalize on your property’s potential, let’s meet to discuss the best options for you. We can start with a candid evaluation of today’s market and your property, and then consider the factors that might affect values in the short and long term.

Email Beth for more information

Combat Clutter and Enjoy a More Efficient Household

mmg-closetAlthough homeowners are generally aware that there are real costs associated with their living space, they don’t always notice how much their clutter impacts their ability to use it. To make the most of your home’s potential, consider ways to create more storage room to keep items that are not in use out of the way.

For example, purge closets and drawers, one room at a time, and donate unused items to charity or sell them online or through a neighbourhood sale. Store out-of-season clothing items in sealable space-saving bags that collapse when attached to a vacuum hose. Consider items that would be considered mementos or keepsakes by others, and pass them along. Also, identify photos and documents that can be archived digitally and saved in the “cloud” or computer storage. Finally, consult with a home-renovation retailer or storage expert to examine in-closet system installations.

BC Home Sales Rise Despite Low Level of Supply

Vancouver, BC – November 14, 2017. The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports that a total of 8,677 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) in October, an increase of 19.3 per cent from the same period last year. Total sales dollar volume was $6.25 billion, up 41.6 per cent from October 2016. The average MLS® residential price in the province was $720,129, up 18.7 per cent from October 2016.res-sales

“BC home sales trended higher in October, up 23 per cent from January on a seasonally adjusted basis,” said Cameron Muir, BCREA Chief Economist.”A lack of supply in the resale market continues to put upward pressure on home prices in most BC regions.”

Total active listings were down 5.1 per cent to 27,987 units in October compared to the same month last year, and have declined 49 per cent over the last five years. The ratio of home sales to active listings was up from 24.7 per cent in October 2016 to 31 per cent last month. The BC housing market is considered to be in relative balance when the ratio of home sales to active listings is between 12 and 20 per cent.

Year to date, BC residential sales dollar volume was down 9.4 per cent to $63.8 billion, when compared with the same period in 2016. Residential unit sales declined 10.7 per cent to 90,290 units, while the average MLS® residential price increased 1.4 per cent to $706,881.


source: BCREA

Find your happy place | your backyard

10 Reasons to List Your Home This Month

Is selling your property the furthest thing from your mind?  Well, here are some reasons for listing your property that you might not have considered.


  1. You might qualify for a better home than you anticipate.
  2. Perhaps you are tired of your current property and want a change.
  3. There may be homes on the market in a neighbourhood in which you’ve always wanted to live.
  4. Your current property may no longer meet your needs.
  5. Your neighbourhood may have changed in ways that you don’t like.
  6. You might be ready to downsize or upsize and you no longer want to put that off.
  7. You may want to sell in the fall so you can have a fresh start in a new home in the new year.
  8. Depending on the type of home you’re considering, you could end up with lower mortgage payments or no mortgage at all.
  9. You might want to move to a home that’s more conveniently located near work, family and hobbies.

Of course, you may have your own reasons for listing this month.  Why not discuss them with a real estate expert?  Me!  I can answer your questions and explain the options available to you.


Email Beth for more information

Your Really, Really Great List

Check BoxWhen buyers shop for a new home, they typically start by viewing properties that meet specific criteria… four bedrooms, a large den, a quiet neighbourhood, etc.

But often there is something special about a home that catches a buyer’s and eye that can tip the scales toward your home.

Think about how many times you have heard someone who has just purchased a home say something like: “Wow, the kitchen is fantastic!” or, “The golf course is just a mile up the road!” or, “There’s a great school just four blocks away!”

So when you list your home for sale, think about the special features that might get a similar reaction from buyers.

For example, you might have a view out your living room window that’s really, really great. There might be a local playground that’s especially well-equipped and clean. Your home might be located near a local sporting centre which is really convenient for families who have kids involved in sports.

So when you create your list of features, highlight those that are really, really great and make sure potential buyers are aware of them. It might just be the one feature that prompts a buyer to make an offer.


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